small bowl blue octopus multi tentacles

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15cm snack bowl / accent piece / breakfast bowl
1st edition only 200 made

this feels lovely in the hand and looks great alone or as part of a range for dining or display

backstamped: made in England, 1st edition. only 200 made
size: 15cm x 6.8cm / 6" x 2.75”
material: fine bone china
origin: hand made and decorated in Staffordshire, England.
care: dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, but with all fine china, treat with care.

made slightly heavier to make it super strong and durable enough for everyday use

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fine bone china: octopus collection

printed from a 1.5 metre octopus.  the original image was not retouched so as to retain all of its natural beauty, and flaws. only the print colour was adjusted for the blue range.

a mix and match range of heirloom quality fine bone china featuring details of the octopus in blue or more complete images of the octopus in black all are back stamped with signature stamp and marked ‘fine bone china staffordshire’.

though invented in england and perfected by the famous staffordshire potteries in the 1790’s, almost all bone china these days is outsourced to asia. we wanted to honour the traditions of the craftsmen who created fine bone china, to lower our freight distances and to be sure of the working conditions of our craftspeople who have been expertly making these wares, often for generations. even in my own family, previous generations trained as craftsmen in the staffordshire potteries, so it was without question we sort out a traditional fine bone china works, hand made and decorated in staffordshire, for our ranges.

despite its appearance, bone china is actually a strong and durable ceramic dinnerware. dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, bone china brings a fine dining experience to your everyday. as accent pieces, our range goes beyond dining. bowls make talkable coffee table or sideboard statements. small bowls delightful snack bowls as well as being the perfect indulgent breakfast bowl

since the decoration is made from pigmented glass and fired onto the surface during the third firing of each piece, it is very durable, but as with any fine china, please treat with care and avoid hitting against metal in the dishwasher or placing from a hot oven onto a cold surface.